Google's photos is an amazing project. Its a free service that allows you to upload photos from your phone, straight to their online service. This service will sync those photos with your other devices and even with friends and family (if you previously allowed it).
Google even goes a step further to use some machine learning to figure out the content of the photos.

For example, I recently took some pictures of my kitten "Saskia", by doing a simple search for kitten.

I can quickly see pictures from my account.

Google Photos showing pictures of a kitten.

This lead me to think about one of the next types of services that Google photos might decide to offer.

Show me what I look like with blue hair

Imagine trying to decide if you should dye your hair? You've no real experience before your first time and have no idea how it would look. Well... this is where Google could come in.

Upload your photo to Google photos. This could be any type of photo, not just of you, but your friends or landmarks whatever.

Then using the same search you'd use for everything else, you could just ask.

"What do i look like with blue hair".

Google's machine learning would've been able to learn from the millions of photos it already hosts about how the blue hair would look and would only need to find a way to put that hair on your body (well face).

The more people that take part the better the algorithm.

You never know, you may even be able to ask for them to remove the tourists from your photo of the Eiffel tower...